Project Questionnaire

The project team have developed a questionnaire aims to identify the common communication issues on board as well as to identify best practices in learning the Maritime English on board. It is directed to seafarers at any capacity. The questionnaire looks at the view of the target groups on the deficiencies in communicative skills of seafarers as well as to identify problem areas in maritime context. The questionnaire is fully anonymous however if you would like to see the results of questionnaire, please follow us on and

The survey consists of 22 questions only. The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. Please answer each question. Type the answer in the space provided. The link to access to survey is here:

The PraC-MARENG project will develop a practical and real-time communication based Maritime English learning tool using SMCP (Standards of Maritime Communication Phrases) as a base taking into account the national, European and International standard such as STCW.