An interview with radio Romania international

An interview with radio Romania international have been conducted by Constanta Maritime University. Details of the interview is below:


From numerous points of view, ships sailing the world seas and oceans can be compared to real Babel towers.

People from different parts of the world work shoulder to shoulder, but sometimes serious problems can arise, and they are, sadly enough, caused by … communication. And not infrequently, this has been the cause of maritime accidents.

In order to help solve the problem, institutions from several states are working on the European project called PraCMarEng.

Forty percent of global maritime accidents are caused by human error. Specifically, communication represents a real problem, given the fact that, for eighty percent of the navigators, English is not their mother tongue.

Starting from this idea, an institution from France initiated the European project PraCMarEng, together with partners from Turkey, Slovenia, Lithuania and Romania – through Constanţa Maritime University.

This involves the creation of a free platform, where sailors will be able to learn maritime English, including terms specific to each type of ship and each position held by seafarers.

Assoc. prof. Corina Varsami Ph.D., Project Coordinator for Romania:

“The project was developed within the Program of Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices. This has been conceived following the axis for strategic partnerships for vocational education and training. We start the platform based on SMCP (standard maritime communication phrases), which are imposed by IMO. On the platform we intend to develop a practical approach to the SMCP. Users can be trained according to the type of ship they operate or intend to operate on and strictly related to the position they fill or will fill on board a certain type of ship. The idea came from the personal experience of one of the Turkish partners, who is a former seafarer and has encountered such problems on board ships. “

The first action within the project was to conduct a survey among the target group, to see what their needs are, related to practical communication and most of the answers came from Romanian navigators, Corina Varsami says:

 “The first step was to conduct a survey on the target group to identify the training needs of seafarers in partner countries. We are talking here about responses in the proportion of 63.3% from Romania. Identifying these training needs, we shall open the platform and at this point, the project website is already available, where, if people are interested, this survey can be completed online. “

The project’s website is

Being an Erasmus + type project, it also includes working meetings of the partners and given the current epidemiological situation, they could not take place in real life. But these meetings have moved to the online environment, being even more frequent than originally planned, so the project goes further on unabated.

“We adapted very quickly. We decided to see each other monthly on Skype, to ensure the smooth running of the project.”

The e-learning platform will be available to all navigators in the European Union. The deadline is the 31st of July 2021. The project is supported by the French Erasmus + Agency and funded by the European Commission. The total value is over 250 thousand Euros. The link to interview is accessible in Romanian language:[0]=AT2xOyz9XYpVg8JNWFfHtkaFTaUWNWlPCeyP8t-4t9NdR73AS314pOT-JzYUi0sK9KH7V8HuhfL0FhdSRXArc_UxpAiF14DQGDj94cblaVIW1XBgNM0C9yZ-HeY6RLNGzXYYfdF8rqHiUC3ZAhGIAK76FLLNKnzfIyQir-5bTG7G1bcayPWJjGHbd62h8PHtIhKwF0L0k0_D9_Qb8i4